How Do You Do?
If Christ should come to earth today.
And walk up and down on the great high way.
Should enter our homes and visit our schools.
Should glance at our documents, and read our rules.
Should enter our churches with tapering spires —
And denote the thoughts of our numerous choirs.
If Christ should come to earth today
Saying, “HOW DO YOU DO?”
Now what would you say?
How do you do with your silver and gold.
Your coppers and bank notes new and old?
Are you hoardng them up for your own kith and kin?
Are you giving all out and getting naught in?
Are you saving or spending or wasting — or what?
Christ waits for your answer — Have you Him forgot?
Ere the evil day comes, speak out true and bold,
How do you do with your silver and gold?
How do you do with your minutes and hours?
They last but a minute and then wither like flowers.
Do you know that high heaven is keeping a list
Of the minutes you have saved and the minutes you have missed?
Men's souls are lost and their bodies are dying.
There's no time to waste, it's time to be flying.
From the uttermost east to the uttermost west
To restore them fourfold ere they sink to their rest.
It's this mission of minutes Christ's will to enshrine
Friends, how do you do with your minutes of time?
How do you do with your influence, pray?
When public opinion won't meet you half way.
And the thing you know to be foolish and wrong,
Is labeled О. K. by the mad, motley throng?
Oh, it's easy enough to go with the crowd
Instead of voicing your judgement aloud.
Your friends, perchance, will laugh you to scorn
And offer a black-bordered kerchief forlorn.
But Christ does not mock. His eyes seem to say
How do you do with your influence, pray?
How do you do with all you possess?
Unmentioned but known to your soul none the less,
When Christ stands aside and discloses to view
Some everyday duty waiting for vou,
Do you shake your head no and retreat from the task
Because the said duty wears so plain a mask?
His Spirit's abroad on the earth today
Saying How do you do, now what can you say?

(Selected from В. P. Y. U. Quarterly).