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It is about a trip to Ukraine by the Lemko Association's Karpaty Chorus

Janet Fuchila, director of the Karpaty Chorus, being greeted on the Lvov stage.

and friendly greetings awaited the chorus and it was an emotional welcome for the women — most of whom visited the Ukraine for the first time.

The first concert was held in the cultural building in Lvov. The huge concert hall was completely filled with many in the audience settling for standing room only. Everyone wanted to hear the chorus from America.

When the curtain opened we saw before us ten women of various ages who were dressed in Lemko costumes. Although they differed in physical appearance they were united by their love of Lemko song. With pride they open their concert with the song "Ногу nashy Karpaty" (Our Carpathians Mountains!. The song carries forth the love and respect the people nave for their homeland and ends with the words:

"We will not give you up, our Beskids,
For we were not told to give them up,
Not by our grandfathers or greatgrandfathers."

Their singing touched everyone’s heart. The ensemble performed along with "Ushmishka" (Smile) from Ivano-Frankovsk.

The concert left everyone in attended with tears in their eyes for no one could believe that ten women, from America, could sing as they did!

While in Lvov, the Lemkovina Chorus from Rudno dedicated a concert to Karpaty. At the end of the performance both choruses joined together to perform several Lemko folk songs.

The girls spent their time in Lvov acquainting themselves with the city. They attended an Opera, visited the home of Ivan Franko, and the Museum of Folk Architecture. Before departing for Ternopol they visited the Lichakovsky Cemetery where they placed bouquets of flowers at the memorial to those who gave their lives at Talerhof, at the grave of Ivan Franlco and Markian Shashkevich.

Museum Visit
Karpaty members enjoying themselves on the grounds of the Lvov museum of ethnic culture.

Mary Ann Maryn, Eva Wan and Nancy Porada placing flowers at the monument
commemorating Talerhof Concentration Camp victims.

Chorus Kaniv
Karpaty members paying tribute to Taras Shevchenko, Kaniv, Ukr. SSr

The group departed by bus for Ternopol and then to Kiev and Kanev. The successful performance of Karpaty in Lvov once again showed the love people have for their homeland and further strengthens the friendship between the USSR and the United States.