The 21st Lemko Festival

Gary Nova
Gary Nova, performing Russian songs.

"In the Carpathians
Lived the Lemkos
My homeland Lemkovina
I cannot forget..."

It is hard to believe that 21 Lemko Festivals have been held at Lemko Resort. The excitement of the 21st was just as great as the excitement of the first one held. The participants have changed over the years, the audience has changed, but the one fact that remains the same is that each year, in the Catskills of New York (the U.S. Carpathians), in August, Lemkos from far and wide gather to celebrate their cultural heritage.

1989 was no different. Early in the morning people began arriving, first for the Divine Liturgy and then for the concert program itself. When one thinks of the many talented artists we have been privileged to see and hear it becomes mind-boggling. Where else would we get the chance to hear the talents of our brothers and sisters in Europe but at Lemko Resort at the Festival.

Martha Binart
Martha Binart, our Lemko poet, with her husband, Harry.

Seman Madezelian, Lemko author

Those who work on the Lemko Festival cannot begin to imagine the great service they are performing for their cultural heritage. Our groups also provide us with the love for our culture that is needed to maintain our identity.

The 21st Festival was again a success. Karpaty chorus, Limbora Slovak Dancers, the Steve Wolownik Balalaika group, and Sasha Vostok were among those participating from the Lemkos living here in America. Fedor Gocn who is well-known to us all came from Lemkovina to enrich our Festival as well. Halyna Havrish, Alexander Teliha and Victor Chumak visited us from the Ukraine. Every performer showed to the utmost the beauty of our culture and why we must all work to continue this important part of our lives here in America.

We shall see you all at the 22nd Festival!

The younger generation loves the Festival.