In 1961, the editors of the Lemko Association annual almanac honored the then recently deceased artist, author and poet, Ivan Rusenko, by published a short biography of his life and republished several of his poems. Additionally, they included a number of his caricatures of people of various trades and positions in the Carpathians during the early years of the 20th century. These caricatures appear to have been previously published as a group with a title something like, "Old-time Carpathian Characters". In the 1961 Lemko Association almanac, however, these sketches were scattered throughout the World War I narrative, "На Австрийскых Фронтах". In order to lift the presentation of these drawings and make them more visible in the list of contents, they have been removed from the WWI material and presented together here as a group once again. The first image was used as page filler in the 1960 Lemko Association almanac and has been moved here with the others.